noun, plural safaris.

  1. a journey or expedition, for exploration, or investigation,
    especially in Africa.
  2. the guides, participants, vehicles, equipment, etc.,
    forming such an expedition.
  3. any long or adventurous journey or expedition.

The name was born from my great love for Africa.

Africa is the home of my heart. It keeps calling me with a deep sense of belonging, exploration and adventure. It inspires wonder and grounds me in who I am when all the layers of conditioning and society's expectations are stripped away.

Safari” is the Swahili word for “journey”. And while I’m no safari expert, the journey every safari holds, is symbol of the journeys we as humans must embark on if we want to grow.

Just like on safaris, on these journeys we will experience some amazing things along the way. We hope to encounter sights that will take our breath away, but we cannot plan or lock these down in static, predictable moments. We must be open and embrace what the journey brings us, often in the most unexpected moments.

This is not unlike any journey of growth. It requires an open mind, heart and will to explore our potential and courageously step forward into that which the future calls for in us.

Soul Safaris is part of The Dare to Dream Foundation, which aims to inspire and empower girls throughout Africa to dare to dream. All profits from Soul Safaris activities go 100% to the foundation.